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Pennine produce high quality shooting socks and garters for men and women.

Prices to suit every budget including luxury merino wool socks.

Socks are a fundamental part of a good practical country outfit and, whether you are out walking or on the shooting field, it is vital that your feet are warm and dry.

Pennine have been producing luxury socks for over 165 years, updating traditional methods of production with modern technology. A unique knitting process shapes the socks so that they have more lateral stratch where it is needed; at the widest part of the calf. They take twice as long to produce as a standard long sock and each pair comprises of approximately 70,000 stitches. Pennine shooting socks are woven using the finest wool, in a countryside colour pallet, designed to either blend in with the rest of your country outfit or stand out from the crowd but remaining classic and smart. 

The perfect accompaniment to your Pennine shooting socks are Pennine garters. Made with a pure wool yarn, Pennine garters will always keep your socks secure as they are knitted to tension and hand-finished to ensure a quality product.

Our range of Pennine shooting socks and garters make your shooting outfit complete and also make a perfect gift or stocking filler!  British quality at its best.